My fav cheap, easy & zero waste kitchen spray

If you are into zero waste there is a 95% chance that you’re familiar with this kitchen spray. It’s made with white vinegar (which is so easy to find in bulk), and it finds a purpose for your discarded orange peels!

Even if you’re not into zero waste, this kitchen cleaner is awesome because it’s non-toxic, cheap, quick to prepare, and requires only 3 ingredients! In other words, you don’t have to be the king of DYI’s for this.

Btw, I call this a “kitchen” spray because this is a kitchen blog, but you can use it everywhere! I also use it for our bathroom tiles, toilets, windows and to wash the floor. It’s especially nice to have an “edible” spray for the floor when you have a puppy that loves licking the kitchen floor.

DIY Kitchen Spray

Prep: 5 min // Optional brewing: 1-2 weeks


1 part water
1 part white vinegar
peels from citrus fruit


  1. Mix all ingredients in a jar.
  2. Use straight away or wait 1-2 weeks for the oranges to be properly infused.

Tips & notes

WARNING! Do not use this kitchen spray, vinegar (or any acid-based) cleaning products on stone and marble! As marble and many stones are porous, the acid will act on the marble and leave marks.

ADD ESSENTIAL OILS – Feel free to add essential oils to make the spray smell however you want. Also, experiment with essential oils that are known to have “cleaning” effects.