Easy vegan pancakes with just 7 ingredients

As I work on creating recipes, my mantra is always “less is more”. The sight of vegan recipes with an index of twenty-two pricy wholefood ingredients really terrifies me. You know, those ingredients with unpronounceable names? No thanks.

So I worked hard to make this vegan pancake recipe as accessible and flexible as I could! Cause sweetheart, I’m the sort of sweet-breakfast-kind-of-gal that needs to be able to make pancakes anytime. Anywhere. In any state (yes, the recipe may have past the hangover test on a Sunday at 6 am surrounded by empty beer cans…).

Anyway, I ended up with a recipe of only 7 ingredients. They’re all common house staple ingredients, and most of them are easily swappable with other common ingredients (check out the notes below the recipe) so I think there’s a good chance you already have the ingredients.

And, in addition to being easy to make, these pancakes are really yummy and fluffy! I always get great feedback when I make them (sure enough by hangover guests on a Sunday at 6 am, but it still counts).

Easy vegan pancakes

PREP: 10 min // COOKING: 15 min // TOTAL TIME: 25 min // YIELDS: 10-12 pancakes


1 cup plant-based milk* (245g)
1 tbsp vinegar* (15g)
1 cup flour (140g)
4 tbsp sugar* (50g)
1 tsp bicarb soda/baking powder (5g)
2 tsp vanilla sugar* (25g)
1 pinch of salt


The best way to bake the pancakes is on a cast iron or non-stick pan on low-medium heat with no grease.
Trust me, no grease is better! See the picture below, the top pancake is with butter, and oddly enough makes them harder to flip, and let’s be honest, they’re not as pretty. If you want the bottom pancake, the neat-Starbucks-advertisement-look as I call it, go for no grease.

Vegan buttermilk is a homemade ingredient which helps thicken vegan batters and give a bit of the same tangy taste buttermilk those. As it’s acid, it will also interact with the bicarb soda from the recipe, and help it rise even further.
So, mix the plant-based milk and vinegar together in a small bowl or cup. Stir, then let rest for about 5 minutes. It will curdle, and voilà, you got yourself some vegan buttermilk!

While the buttermilk is resting, mix all the remaining ingredients in another medium-sized bowl. Whisk, then combine the vegan buttermilk together with the bowl of dry ingredients. Mix it until you obtain a smooth batter.

For each pancake, pour about half a ladle of batter onto the preheated pan (or use an ice cream scoop). Flip the pancakes when bubbles start appearing on the surface. Then flip and cook for 1-2 min on the other side. Peak at the bottom of the pancakes, you know they’re ready when they become golden as in the picture above.

Dunzo – enjoy!

Tips & notes

OPTIMAL STORAGE – If you are cooking the pancakes for later enjoyment, spread them out on a grill rack to cool down. This will avoid them become squashed and soggy. Then, store in an airtight container for a few days or freeze.

*WHICH PLANT-BASED MILK? So far, every plant-based milk I’ve used has worked well. I’d probably recommend almond milk for a sweet twist, or oat milk if you want to go for a quick and easy homemade zero-waste option. The good oll’ soy milk works well too. (And although this tip is probably treason to the vegan cause: if you only have dairy milk in your fridge, it works fine too. But please, let’s all think about the poor male calves).

* WHICH VINEGAR? Distilled white, white wine or apple cider all works. In fact lemon juice works too. You just need something acid, we just nees some acid to curdle the milk and interact with the bicarb soda.

*WHICH SUGAR? I’ve tried this recipe with regular caster sugar, icing sugar and brown sugar and they all work well! I can imagine honey, agave syrup or mapple syrup might work too, but I’m not sure on the proportions. Guess I better make some pancakes again to get back to you on that!

*NO VANILLA SUGAR? Swap with 1-2 tsp vanilla essence. I use vanilla sugar because I’m partial to zero waste and homemade options, and vanilla sugar is easier and quicker to make compared vanilla essence.