Zero waste shopping: 3 maps I use to find bulk stores near me

When I started with zero waste living I just assumed there were no bulk shops near me. Turns out there are heaps! Some of which I passed by quite often without even realising it.

I discovered most bulk shops in my neighbourhood using “bulk shop finders”. Bulk shop finders are essentially maps created by bloggers or websites with pins for all the stores that sell food in bulk.

Below, you’ll find 3 maps I like and used all the time! The first map is the best one for Melbourne in my opinion, but depending on where you live, the others might be more useful to you. I use the last map when I travel in Europe for example.

Let’s jump straight into it – here are the 3 maps:

Melbourne map by “Reusable Nation”

Reusable Nation is a really nice blog about zero waste living written by two Melbourne-based South Africans. Apart from their awesome map, their blog is full of product recommendations and nifty sustainability tips.

Their map seems to originally be made for Melbourne specifically, but they have expanded their scope to all of Australia.

In my opinion, Reusable Nation has made the best map for 4 reasons:

  • GOOGLE MAP COMPATIBILITY: my favourite feature is that you can sync their bulk shop map to your Google account! The pins of the stores are therefore always available on your Google Maps – phone or desktop! How good is that!
  • MANY STORES: for Melbourne at least, their map features more shops than the two other maps.
  • TAGS & FILTERS: their filter gives the opportunity to research specifically for one sort of bulk item.
  • INFOBOX: once you click on the store, they have an info box with pictures of the store, the address and a link to the store’s website.

Australia map by “Sustainable Table”

Sustainable Table is an environmental not-for-profit with tools and information about ethical eating. Lots of in-depth articles about meat, eggs, packaging and similar topics for the Australian market. I definitely recommend a read there!

Their bulk shop map for all of Australia, but more complete for the East Coast. For each shop, they have info explaining what sort of shop they are, opening hours and info about what they sell. Unfortunately, there is no option to filter for one specific product, and the map is less complete than the one from Reusable Nation but it still worth a check.

World map by “Zero Waste Home”

The “Zero Waste Home” website belongs to Bea Johnson, one of the originators of the Zero Waste movement. Her bulk shop finder is worldwide and works by people like you and me adding pins to the map.

I have used the map around in Europe before and was very happy with it. It’s a bit less complete for Melbourne compared to the one of Reusable Nation, but it’s still very good. The map also features an option to filter for certain specific group of ingredients.

There you go! I hope I facilitated your zero waste shopping a bit!

Happy shopping!