About me & my kitchen

Hi, I’m Pia!

I’m a 29-year old French-Norwegian living in Melbourne, Australia.

My hope for this website is to learn more about sustainable food while hopefully inspiring others to take on a more sustainable lifestyle together with me. It’s a lot of work, but knowing just one person have sewn my DIY reusable coffee cloth filter or started making their parma vegetarian makes it this all worth it!

(so feel free to comment on the blog or Instagram if you’ve tried something from the blog!)

And also, just to be clear, I am not claiming my kitchen is perfectly sustainable. No way Jose! But, I liked calling this blog My Sustainable Kitchen as a sort of inspirational reminder of the direction I’m going in.

Here’s a glance at how sustainability looks like in my kitchen:

A sustainable diet

I’ve bee a vegetarian for 3 years and I am learning how to cook vegan as much as I can.

I’m avoiding processed food and am constantly learning how to cook pantry staples (such as mayo, pasta, or bread) so I don’t have to buy them packaged and full of nasties.

I eat local and seasonal through veggie boxes from CERES as much as I can.

Sustainable consumption

I try to live waste-free: I buy groceries package-free at bulk shops; I buy or make reusable tools to avoid single-use items, buy kitchen equipment second hand from op shops, or simply pick it from the hard rubbish from the streets…

I try to grow what I can (mostly herbs, 2 cherry tomatoes, and 3 chilies!) on my balcony. Even if it’s not much, learning to grow is a journey.

I compost through our Darebin council bins, the Sharewaste app and a bokashi bin.

I learn ways to keep my fruit and veggies fresh for longer.

Sustainable learning

And most of all, I try to learn and improve in terms of sustainability every day through books, documentaries, blogs, and daily Instagram inspiration! Baby steps guys!


If you have any questions or requests, please don’t hesitate to contact me at pia@mysustainablekitchen.com.

And you can follow me on Instagram (sorry, not much of a Facebook girl).


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