Australian online resources for the sustainable foodie

Here’s a list of websites I think you should know off! They’re all in some way related to food and sustainability.

I’ll probably add links to this post as I go. Feel free to drop me a line at pia@mysustainablekitchen if you know of any online resources that are missing in this list!


Note many of these blogs don’t focus on the kitchen in particular but have extended posts about sustainable food.

Australian blogs

  • REUSABLE NATION – Really informative blog by two South Africans living in Melbourne. Their articles are really in-depth and well-researched so you know you’re learning something real!
  • THE ROGUE GINGER – Author of the book “Waste not” (great read!), Erin has lots of great articles about composting, Australian recycling, and food co-ops amongst others.
  • GIPPSLAND UNWRAPPED – Tammy also focuses on zero waste and has many nifty tips I would never have thought of and good product reviews as well.


  • ZERO WASTE CHEF – I have learned so much from Anne Marie! This blog only focuses on the kitchen (yay!). She has heaps of tips to become zero waste in the kitchen and great recipes. I recommend subscribing to her newsletter too.


  • ZERO WASTE VICTORIA – Zero Waste Victoria is an organization that seeks to inform and educate about zero waste through their yearly Zero Waste Festival, other events, their blog, and newsletter. Their Facebook group is amazing to get inspiration or to ask questions!
  • SUSTAINABLE TABLE – Not-for-profit with heaps of tools, guides, and articles to become more sustainable in the kitchen.

Waste resources


  • RECYCLING VICTORIA – This is the best tool to figure out if you can recycle something or not! It’s very visual and easy to use. Just type in the odd product you’re wondering about and it will tell you what to do!


  • THE COMPOST REVOLUTION – Get up to 80% discount on composting gear depending on your council in Australia. They also have great guides for each type of composting (bokashi, worm farm, tumbler…)

Zero waste resources

Bulk shop maps

Bulk shop maps are maps with pins to shops where you can buy products in bulk, meaning without plastic. These zero waste helpers were a game-changer to me. I would recommend checking all of the maps below as they often complete each other.

  • REUSABLE NATION – Australia wide map with incredibly many pins for Melbourne. I love how you can save their map to your Google map account and always have them on you.
  • ZERO WASTE HOME – Map by Bea Johnson (zero waste celebrity) which I really like because it’s international. I’ve used this while living in Norway or traveling in France and it was useful and correct.
  • SUSTAINABLE TABLE – Their map have fewer pins than there other but might still be useful depending on where you live.
  • YARRA CITY ZERO WASTE MAP – Only for Yarra City so very useful if you live there. They’ve also included pins for things like waste drop-off points or community initiatives.

Food delivery

Australia wide bulk shops

  • THE SOURCE BULK FOODS – I’ve personally shopped from them 2 years ago and I was very happy with my order. There was no plastic, all the items were packed in compostable paper bags (that I then reused for bulk shopping).

Melbourne bulk shops

  • MOON RABBIT – From what I see on their Instagram account, they seem to do an awesome job at using paper bags, re-using packaging resources they have on hand, and packaging that people donate to avoid plastic.
  • THE FULL PANTRY – They pack their orders in paper bags and there’s the possibility to request for “no plastic”. They also re-use the boxes we receive from suppliers to packaging all the products together.

Melbourne veggie boxes

Here’s a list of websites that provides either local, organic, or sustainable veggie, fruit, and/or mixed boxes. I’ve ordered boxes from CERES and Organic Angels for a few years and can definitely vouch for them.

If you live outside of Melbourne, Open Food Network is a good place to look for veggie boxes.

Online equipment stores

These are online shops that sell lots of kitchen tools and reusable items that can help you in your sustainable journey.

General equipment stores

  • BIOME – They’re range covers amongst other zero waste products, plastic-free products, kitchenware, cleaning, fermenting, composting, and many more.
  • FLORA AND FAUNA – They’re niche is vegan, cruelty, and ethical products. They have more or less that same range than Biome.

Specialty stores

  • THE COMPOST REVOLUTION – Get up to 80% discount on composting gear depending on your council in Australia.
  • GREEN LIVING AUSTRALIA – Australian store that specializes in fermentation such as cheese, yogurt, sourdough, kombucha… They sell both ingredients and tools. Lots of vegan options!


  • SHAREWASTE – An app (and website) that connects people who want to give away food waste with people that want to receive food waste to make compost.
    My experience: I’ve used Sharewaste before and loved how easy it was to set-up, and how nice my food waste host was! She was thrilled to receive my waste!

  • BRING ME HOME – App enabling to buy unsold food from nearby food commerces at up to 70% discount. The point of this app is to prevent unsold food to go to waste.
    My experience: I bought a delicious sourdough bread from a nearby bakery and the transaction was really easy. I even had the choice of which bread/pastry to choose from.
  • YWASTE – Same principle as Bring Me Home App.
  • CLUCKar – App to scan eggs at the shop and figure out how free-range they really are.


  • LOCAL FOOD CONNECT – Newsletter for the sustainable home food grower with inspiration, tips, article, events and more. It’s meant for the Northern Eastern Melbourne suburbs, but I think it can interest others too!

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