How I find bulk stores near me – Australia & worldwide

Bulk store maps

What are they?

I find bulk stores near me is with the help of bulk store maps. Bulk store maps are great for both zero waste newbies and experts. They are basically online maps with pins to indicate where you can find stores that sell food products in bulk. The maps are either accessible on a website, or saveable directly to your phone onto your own Google Maps account.

Definition: Just to be clear, in “zero waste” terms, bulk stores are stores that sell food that can be purchased loose in any requested quantity. Depending on store policies, food can either be transferred and weighted into your own containers or into paper bags. This means the food can be purchased without plastic or other packaging – yay! The food is available in big boxes or dispensers as in the top picture.

How can the maps help?

Discovering these maps was a game-changer for me! You might be surprised like I was to find way more bulk store options near you than you think. It might also open up for you to discover new bulk stores that offer more or different food products than what your regular bulk store offers. Or just cheaper stores.

The maps are also very nifty when moving to a new neighborhood or while traveling.

4 bulk store maps

Below are 4 different bulk store maps I have discovered over time (drop me a line if you know any others!). My personal favorite is Reusable Nation’s map but depending on where you live and what you need, you might prefer a different one, so check them all out!

#1 – Reusable Nation’s map

Reusable Nation has an Australia wide bulk store map with particularly many pins for Melbourne. I love how you can save their map to your own Google map account and therefore always have it on you.

#2 – Zero Waste Home’s map

I really like this Zero Waste Home worldwide map by Bea Johnson (one of the zero waste originators) because it’s international. I’ve used this while living in Norway or traveling in France and it was handy and up-to-date.

#3 – Sustainable Table’s map

Sustainable Table’s Australia map has fewer pins than some of the other maps, but might still be useful to you depending on where you live. I like that they have an informative description of each store and that they include many food co-ops.

#4 Yarra City’s zero waste map

As the title implies, this Yarra City zero waste map is only for Yarra City only. On top of bulk shops, I really like how they’ve also included pins for things like waste drop-off points or community initiatives.

That’s it! I hope these 4 maps to find bulk stores near you will help you! Remember you can also ask zero waste groups on Facebook for help – it’s a very inclusive community!

Happy bulk shopping!

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