Welcome to my blog!

Why this blog?

I created this blog simply because I’m stoked about sustainable food! Every time I learn a new trick or recipe to help the planet, I just ache to spread the word to my friends and family. So why not share it to everyone on a blog?!

Where did my journey start?

My biggest sustainability epiphany happened while I was working on self-sufficient organic (almost vegetarian) farms in Italy for 8 months. For the first time, I really learnt where our food comes from and how alternative eco-friendly food systems are fully possible.

Since then, I gradually worked myself to become vegetarian in 2016, and now my biggest focus is to gradually become zero waste and vegan.

Why “My Sustainable Kitchen”?

I’m not claiming that my kitchen is perfectly sustainable, but that is what I’m striving for and remember in all my food decisions.

And I’m choosing the term “sustainable” rather than “green” because on top of typical green issues such as plant-based diets and zero waste, I want to focus on the ethical and social aspects of food. I want to be more conscious about fair pay for farmers, not supporting big evil companies and accessible healthy food for everyone.

3 facts about me

MY STUDIES & DREAMS – I have a Master’s Degree in Globalisation majoring in Sustainability and worked for 6 months as a Sustainabilty Analyst. Altough the work was incredibly interesting, office work wasn’t my thing. Now I’m hoping to start an apprenticeship in landscape gardening and one day become a urban farming consultant turning every garden in Melbourne into a bountiful permaculture veggie patch!

FOOD INSPO – I’ve lived and travelled a bit all over the world and draw my inspiration from that. However, I do have a slight preference for Italian food. I’m also also a stickler for the saying “less is more” when it comes to recipes. I always try to simplify recipes and hero only one ingredient.

SUSTAINABILITY PASSION – My parents have always been interested in sustainability in all shapes and forms which I’ve gladly adopted. Think of growing up with a dad with no car, flight-free since the 90’s and that wants’ to travel Norway-Australia by boat! And then a French mum that cooked absolutely everything from scratch and knows endless of tricks and recipes to not waste food. Thanks Maman and Pappa!


If you have any questions, comments, requests, article ideas or critics, feel free to drop a line at pia@mysustainablekitchen.com.