DIY produce bags for zero waste bulk shopping

To avoid single-use plastic bags for fruit and veggies at the shop, I love my ONYA bags. They’re light and big – all I need. But when I go bulk shopping for smaller ingredients in small quantities such as rice or nuts, they’re a bit too big.

So I decided to sew my own from second-hand materials and really recommend it!

It’s a bit fiddly to make, but if you have time, like to sew, or want to save a buck, it’s absolutely worth it.

Plus there’s no feeling like being the coolest chick at the bulk shop! I’ve received multiples comments on how handy they look because of their size and closing mechanism by randoms at bulk shops.

Why they’re perfect:

May I also add there’s been some thought put into this seemingly simple design!

LIGHT – They’re made with the least possible fabric to make them light.

EXPANDABLE/STANDING DESIGN – The design allows them to expand. I find this handy so they “stand” better to avoid having the food fall out.

WIDE MOUTH – Altough they look small, they’re wide enough to cover the mouth of top-down dispensers.

EASY CLOSING MECHANISM – And there is, of course, a double cord closing mechanism so one simple knot suffices to close them.

1 full produce bag = 1 full passata jar -Since I store all my food in passata jar or medium Moccona jars (they fit the exact same volume), this is my favourite aspect about them!

Homemade produce bags for zero waste bulk shopping

Recipe by Pia LefevreDifficulty: Easy
Prep & sewing time




  • Materials
  • Thin fabric

  • Sewing thread

  • Cord

  • Equipment
  • Ruler

  • Pen

  • Scissors

  • Sewing pins, or paper clips

  • Sewing machine, or needle

  • Safety pin


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