Over 20 ways to use broccoli stalk

Let’s turn around the broccoli stalk’s bad rep! Broccoli stalk is crunchy and tasty!

However, you might have the same childhood memory as me of your parents insisting you eat the over-boiled mushy tasteless stalk (yes, I’m talking to you Dad! ­čśë ) and never went back to it?

You can, of course, cook them together with the florets, but there are heaps of ways to prepare the broccoli stalk on itself which is way tastier in my opinion.

Let’s dig into it!

Quick broccoli stalk info

Brccoli stalk storage

If you have cut off the florets but are planning to eat the stalks at a later point, keep the stalks in a bowl of water in the fridge to keep them fresh longer. This is actually how I store whole broccoli too.

Broccoli stalk prep

No matter how you are going to use the broccoli stalk, there are some unavoidable steps to make broccoli stalk more appealing.

First, cut off the tip that has probably dried up and become hardy.

Second, peel it! The outer layer is fibrous and therefore harder to chew on. I forgot to peel one of the stalks and it was noticeable instantly!

Keep the peel!

And lastly, in the true spirit of zero waste, keep the peels and bits and bobs you don’t want to eat in your freezer for your next homemade veggie stock.

20 ways to use broccoli stalk

Sliced – lengthwise or sideways

  • Added in a salad
  • To make a broccoli stalk salad. Add a mustard vinaigrette or sour cream dressing.
  • Pickled
  • Use as crakers – top with cheese, hummus or other dips


  • In coleslaw
  • In salads
  • In fritters
  • In omelet
  • In quiche
  • To make a veggie pattie
  • In sandwich
  • In Bahn Mi


  • Add raw to a salad
  • With noodles – with or without a quick heat up in the pan
  • In a pasta dish
  • In a stir-fry

In sticks

  • Appetizer sticks with hummus or sour cream dip
  • In thinner sticks, add to sushi
  • In spring rolls


  • In soup
  • To make veggie stock
  • To make broccoli hummus

Hope you found some good ideas! And if you can think of something else, add it in the comment field!

Happy stalking!

(hehe, do you get it? Stalk-ing… ­čśĆ )

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